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Amber Yong's Wind-Down Routine

Amber Yong's Wind-Down Routine

You likely know her face already – if not, her adorable twin girls Leia and Lauren. With their cheeky laughs and bubbly personalities, coupled with adorable matching outfits with sparkling smiles, it's no wonder that the twins’ Instagram account has a massive following behind them. The managing force behind them? Seasoned globetrotter, entrepreneur and mum, Amber Yong. Super-mom certified, for sure.

As the creative force behind the Leia + Lauren fashion label, Amber is replete with a casual cool that makes anyone in the room feel at ease. It is easy to forget the sheer amount of hard work and diligence that goes into managing so many facets of her life. The reality of course, has its share of chaos and mess, and if her relaxed demeanour is any indication of her ability to cope, coupled with her voracious appetite for traveling (with twins in tow!) and learning, this woman is no doubt a professional multitasker. 

As busy as she may be, the multi-hyphenate is a firm believer that a woman is first herself before she is a mom, wife, and the many other roles that she has to play.

We caught up with Amber to chat about how she unwinds at night while she and the twins played dress up in our first collection.

Can you describe your bedtime routine with the twins? Do you have any tips to make bedtime enjoyable?

We usually begin winding down 30min before their actual bedtime. I would give the girls a soothing moisture massage as this always calms them down. This is followed by some bedtime reading before they get tucked into bed.

Do you have a bedtime routine for yourself? What helps you to wind down at the end of a long day?

Yes, I believe in setting the tone right for a relaxing night as it paves the way for a good night’s rest. I usually like to take a hot shower, slow down by dimming down the lights and unwind with some soothing music. Essential oils and skincare are a big part of my bedtime routine too!

What keeps you awake at night?

I have tendencies to think about what I need to achieve the following day with the kids and work, so that keeps me up if I have a busy week ahead. I've learnt to manage it by jotting down the tasks. It really helps manage my anxiety. 

Since we’re on the topic, what do you do to rest (especially in your limited time?!)

I make conscious efforts to dedicate little pockets of time to pamper myself, whether it's going for a massage or having a mani pedi session. At times, it helps a great deal to just dedicate a little quiet me-time to settle my thoughts.

Now, on a less serious note: Phone or no phone in the bedroom?

I have my phone in the bedroom for sure, but I don’t actively use it at night unless there is something to read up on before bedtime. I usually try to keep my mind clear and relaxed before I go to bed.

Favourite nighttime snack/nightcap?

A warm cup of chamomile with honey.

The girls’ current favourite book?

Secrets of the Vegetable Garden by Carron Brown & Giordano Poloni!

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