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Heidi Austin on living and loving in Bali
Heidi Austin on living and loving in Bali
"I believe in making the best out of a bad situation, and laughing, including at yourself. Yes lots of laughter. Big belly laughs, they’re what it’s all about."

Meet bona fide adventurer Heidi Austin, whose passion and heart is larger than life itself. They say the best life lived is one filled with spirited spontaneity and zest – which Heidi is no stranger of. Spanning from volunteerism in Southeast Asia to Bali, where she is currently based, Heidi’s zeal for exploration is truly unmatched. 

Founder of Eve & Austin, Heidi’s works in the beauty landscape are reflective of her spirit and candour. Inspired by the earthy, afternoon glows of summer and the beach, her works are peppered with natural tones to elevate one’s natural self. Coupled with her impressive experience in the hair and makeup scene, it is easy to see why many are drawn to her brand.

Work life aside, she is mother to 3 beautiful boys, Ziggy, Vali and Soleil. To find balance amongst her multiple roles, she chooses simplicity and focuses on seeing the good of every situation instead – a point well worth noting for the rest of us.

How the Bali journey began

My husband and I have always wanted to live abroad (and to think I did not even have my passport until I was 23!), and dreamed of having our own family. We talked about applying for expatriate adoption (to possibly shorten the lengthy adoption wait times), and that’s where our idea of moving to Bali first came about.  During this time we fell pregnant with Ziggy, the baby the doctors told us we could never have. But it doesn’t stop there.  After 9 months of Ziggy bliss we were incredibly surprised to hear that I was pregnant, with twins!  We have fallen in love with Bali since, and that’s how our journey here began.

On life in Bali

We have been living in Bali for five years now and love it. We have beautiful like-minded friends who love hanging out, organising play dates and then enjoying a well-deserved bottle of wine when the kids (finally) fall asleep.  

There are so many creative people in Bali, so work is fun and exciting. I’ve been working on weddings for a few photo shoots and TV shows - from swimwear to sunglasses to fashion and magazine shoots and The Bachelor. 

When it’s off the clock, I love to hang out with my boys, head to the beach, have lots of date nights with the redhead husband and catch ups with my girlfriends. 

We also have a lot of play dates, the twins are 2 now and Ziggy is 3½ so they are wild and crazy. Most of the time, I am just trying to figure out how to wear them out so that they will sleep through the night!

I love where we live in Canggu, and how cozy the community is. Many of our friends are just around the corner, and don’t get me started on the cafes, specifically the cinnamon rolls at Copenhagen (yum!).

The best breakfasts in Bali

The best breakfasts in Bali are… in bed.  A green tea and Vegemite on toast is just what I need to kickstart my day! 

What self-care means to you

With 3 kids at home, its noisy at home – so noisy!  Self-care is time alone with silence and space, so a spa visit or yoga or just 20 minutes at the beach with a coffee is perfect.

Beauty secrets

Being in the beauty industry I love to indulge in regular facials. In particular, I am a big fan of microdermabrasion and rely on LED facials to get rid of all that Bali air pollution. I also enjoy getting oxygen facials to plump and hydrate my skin. 

Favourite beauty products

To be honest, I buy 90% online from either Australia or Singapore. I love the Ole Henriksen banana eye cream, IT cosmetics and Laura Mercier tinted moisturisers and CC creams for day.  For night, my go-to is the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation with Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector, some Beachy Brows (this product is amazing) and I’m done.


My husband usually works out of town half of the year, so when he’s not in town, I usually have a wine in my hand by midday because the kids are full on and super energetic!  By 8am, the house would already have been turned into a fort, couch cushions on the floor, and kitchen utensils are weapons by 8am – just ask my friends!

On finding balance

I have a lot of girl time, always have. Whether it’s a quick coffee, a yoga date or big boozy nights out, I need them. My girlfriends are just wonderful! It’s such a special place to be able to open up, unwind and just be yourself.

Guilty pleasures

Wine, plus we have a lot of sangria afternoons at our villa. 

Bali designers we should know

I have been shooting with the beautiful Innika Choo, and basically spend my work hours mentally filling a cart - her creations are something else! Every piece is meticulously designed, cleverly created and incredibly stunning. 

Fashion inspiration used to come from magazines and online, but now its my friends – there’s a lot of oooh where is that top from, lots of linen and floaty materials to combat the Bali heat.

Philosophy you live by

I believe in making the best out of a bad situation, and laughing, including at yourself. Yes lots of laughter. Big belly laughs, they’re what it’s all about.

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