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Behind Our New Collection
Dear Riviera With Love
Dear Riviera with Love
"What a time to be alive.
What a place to waste away the days.
Oh, Riviera, there's nowhere else I'd rather be."

Dearest Riviera, you have our heart. We left it there with the wild beasts who found solace and engraved neverending stories on your shores – Matisse and Hemingway, Coco Chanel and Jean Cocteau, Picasso and us. We are counting down the sleeps until we can taste your salty air again. 

Our newest collection takes us back to that feeling of sunken toes in warm powdery sand. To the citrusy musk of saltwater-kissed skin and the dry, cotton-mouth of the morning after. Where la douceur de vivre, or the sweetness of life, is woven through each filament of our being like lacework. That same bright blue sky and sparkling water that were an inspiration to Henri Matisse; they have also stirred a longing in our bones, and our new line is fondly called Dear Riviera. 

Timeless stripes, scalloped lace and expressive brushstrokes accompany our visual journey to the golden era of the French Riviera. Inspired by the welcome misadventures and secret intrigues that took place under striped parasols and behind closed French doors; the balmy nights and morning kisses, Dear Riviera is a tribute to the artist, the thinker, the ponderer, the escapist – all of whom exist within all of us. There is a slice of the Riviera surging through our veins, and we celebrate that lust for life in this collection.

We worked with textile designer Claire Parker to create a signature print – a marriage between the wild strokes of Fauvism and artist Sally West's lush 'Beach Studies'.

We also created an embroidered lace fabric, a Beddoni-exclusive scallop design, set on breathable rayon and best worn horizontally on a sun lounger, or a plush feather bed still sticky from last night's shenanigans. The fluttery ruffled sleeves of our airy Dear Riviera dress accentuate that golden, sun-kissed glow just so. As right as that first refreshing sip of pastis on the beach.

Dear Riviera is about being young and carefree, saluting the sun as it rises and dancing barefoot under the moonlight. It's about playing chess on the beach, sipping on sunset-coloured cocktails and making memories on a slow, sunny day with the people you cherish most. Here's a toast to the revelations that are born from doing absolutely nothing at all. Salut!

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